Kayak Voyage is your online hub for all things in kayaking, adventure, and exploration. Tracing its origin back to our love of coastlines & exploration, we offer expert analysis, carefully curated reviews & handy guides that cater to beginners as well as seasoned paddlers on the lookout for your next getaway.

At kayakvoyage.com we recognize that each adventurer deserves more than just a kayak”. It’s about the way ahead, the still waters, and the peaceful quiet of the ocean. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the most extensive range of equipment so that you can have a better time in the water. They include gear reviews, safety manuals, featured locations, and pros & cons guides on things you need to know before getting out there.

Our team of industry veterans and expert boaties work tirelessly to provide accurate, current, and real-world advice. Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge gathered on our travels, we have populated this site with insights from our collective experience.

Join our adventure as we go out in search of new and unexplored landscapes and places to discover on a kayak Voyage.

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